Parents Support

Emotional Help & Trained Insight

Parents Support

Emotional Help & Trained Insight


What is Parents Support?

Parents Support is a counseling service to provide emotional support for parents and guardians, as well as arm them with the knowledge and tools to reinforce at home what children are learning in sessions.

At Early Connections, we partner with you to create an individualized parenting plan specific to your family’s needs so you see and feel the results and change you hope for at home.


Benefits of Parents Support

Create Peace

We help you decrease the tension and frustration in your home by giving you the emotional support you need.

Resolve Conflicts

Develop skills to be better equipped to problem-solving trigger points at home.

Gain Insight

We empower you by giving you knowledge of the treatment plan and access to resources.

Collaborate On Treatment

We coordinate treatment plans with other professionals in your child’s life, such as psychiatrists, teachers, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Improve Family Relationships

We shed light on the issues facing your child and pave the way for better relationships among family members.



Our Parent Support Includes:

  • Sessions specifically for parents to ask questions, learn, and feel supported too

  • Individualized parenting plans specific to your family’s needs

  • Communication about your child’s progress and ways to reinforce growth at home

  • Resources to support your family’s goals and progress

  • Referral information for other professionals to support your family when needed (psychiatrist, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, etc.)

Reasons to Seek Our Parents Support Services

As a parent, do you:

  • Feel frustrated and overwhelmed
  • Feel tired of the same battles and constant struggles
  • Despite attempts to improve peace in the home, find yourself falling into old habits: arguing, yelling and feeling disconnected
  • Find yourself repeating the harmful patterns of the past
  • Feel unable to help your child
  • Need guidance in a transition
  • Want to improve your parenting skills as you help your child develop life and social skills
  • Lack emotional support and stress management
  • Want to be on the same page as your partner in parenting decisions