Food Allergy Support

Thriving With Allergies


What is Food Allergy Support?

We work with children and families to help manage food allergy diagnosis and anxieties. There are unique stressors that come with food allergy management, and we are here to support!


Benefits of Food Allergy Support

Personalized Care

Know the best practices for food management and food options for daily life as well as special occasions, holidays and trips.

Expert Resources

We have a Food Allergy Behavior Health counselor on our team and work with certified allergists to manage your “new normal.”

Better Well-Being

We provide emotional support and mental health treatment techniques to help your child overcome anxiety, fears, food aversion and trauma associated with food allergies.


We connect you with other support groups and online networks to aid your family in managing food allergies and helping children live their best life.


We assist you in healthcare planning for school, including developing Individualized Healthcare Plans and 504 Plans for food allergies. Learn how to advocate for your child with extended family members friends and teachers.



Our Food Allergy Support Includes:

  • Day to day food allergy planning and management

  • Emotional support and mental health treatment techniques in the management of anxiety, fears, possible food aversion, and/or PTSD associated with food allergies

  • Guidance about allergists who specialize in food allergies and research about various food allergy management options

  • Support groups and online support networks

  • Advocating for your child with family members, friends and teachers

  • Healthcare planning for school, including Individualized Healthcare Plans and 504 Plans for food allergies

  • Resources for planning flights, trips and events for an individual with food allergies

Meet Our Food Allergy Counselor

Stephanie Lemmey


Food Allergy Behavioral Health Association, Member

I know first-hand how hard, overwhelming and daunting it can be to manage food allergies. My son was diagnosed with life-threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts at age one. Over the past eight years, I have researched and educated myself about food allergies.

As a result, our family has successfully managed our new way of living associated with food allergies. I have used my extensive teaching background and understanding of childhood development to create treatment plans specific to being diligent in keeping children safe and coping with their unique feelings, anxieties and fears.

When I was able to move past my anxieties as a mom, I was able to help my son thrive. I am passionate about helping children, adolescents, teens and their families navigate through their unique journey with food allergies.

Stephanie Lemmey